An update on tools

Subject: An update on tools
From: Hugo Roy [email hidden]
To: Michiel de Jong [email hidden], Jan-Christoph Borchardt
 [email hidden], Jimm Stout [email hidden]
Cc: Martin Stadler [email hidden], "abdullah.diaa"
 [email hidden],  Alexander Kahl [email hidden]
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2012 13:45:40 +0200

Hi everyone, [can somebody include Shybyte in the discussion?]

On Tuesday, Michiel and I sat for a moment to talk about how to improve
contributions to our projects. Right now, there's a scaling problem
between the mailing list and the json points. Something in between is
missing and we thought the situation could be improved with some tools.

The other incidental problem is how to deal with the backlog, but IMO
this would be fixed by resolving #1

Right now, here's a quick overview of what we have:
      * Json data in services/ and points/
      * Google Group
      * Github
      * Tosback
      * Co-ment (I just fixed the issue: log-in is no longer needed)

We thought that by comining the browser extensions, a few forms on
tos-dr and our own augmented version of tosback, we could fix the

In short, our plan is:
     1. Include ways of contributing in the browser extensions
     2. Link this with the service form on ToS;DR
     3. Give users an easy way to review the terms by improving tosback
        and linking it with Co-ment's API
     4. Link this with the point form on ToS;DR and the google group
     5. Create a list to deal with the backlog from the mailing-list

The discussions would still happen in Github for development, and in
Google Group (or maybe in the future a forum, based on free software
like vanillaforums?) which would be the substantial parts.

I'm going to present the plan here so that we can have a general
overview to discuss. Then I will create a github issue for each aspect
of the plan.

Include ways of contributing to the browser extensions

      * We need the browser extensions to engage users in contributing
        where a website has no data, outdated data, or needs additional
      * We need the browser extensions to pass on information to the
        ToS;DR forms where the users are going to fill in data about the

Some design questions have to be addressed, like which icon to show in
the browser depending on the situation (for instance, not all services
have a class rating yet; some services have no data at all and thus,
some people have complained they didn't understand what the extension
did, probably because they didn't visit the right website… although this
is odd because we already data for some of the most important.)

The Service form

Basically the form would try to take on information passed on by the
browser extensions to already suggest or fill in some of the input.

I envision something like ( [] are input, {} are buttons )

Name of the service: [ ]
URLs: [] {+Add another URL}
Identifier: [facebook] (automatically suggested from the url).
Keywords: [social network] please use commas to separate keywords

Where are the terms?
[Terms of Service] ~link to archived
version on co-ment / tosback
[Data Use Policy] ~link to
archived version on co-ment / tosback
{+Add another document}

When this is filled-in, we should display a thank-you page and suggest
people to add their email address so that we can contact them again (may
be linked with some kind of "account" that we will also have for the
Backlog list). I also need to create a privacy policy for ToS;DR itself
since we're going to deal with some people's personal data now. It will
be a good exercise for us to make them easy to read directly from the
page itself :))

ToSBack interface + Co-ment

Once we have the right data on where a service's terms are located (that
means we need to give feedback to people who just suggested to update
the rules file so that they can see if their added rule works) we need
to offer an interface for people to be able to read the versions over
time. This can be done directly ourselves, but I think it's better to
just link with the API from co-ment (Michiel disagrees and wants to
re-invent the wheel by writing again software that a whole company has
written over the last 4 years and that has been used successfully for
writing GPLv3, MPL2.0 and various books to which I contributed reviews;)

This interface would also give the ability to make links to paragraphs
and to sentences (Co-ment already does it… with highlighting and stuff).
This way, it can be easily referenced as "source" in the points data.

Points form

I guess this would just be a nice and editable way to see all the data
in a JSON in the points/ directory.

What's very important is how to deal with moderation, since the data
would not go directly to the website, but someone needs to review, edit,
etc. This would need a whole system to think about, including how to
deal with versioning in the file, etc. I guess we need to start
versioning the format as well, which will also be cool for APIs.

What's also important is that we suggest people to give TosBack or
Co-ment as the source, rather than the website directly itself.

One last thing: each new point should, after review, create a thread on
the mailing list, if the thread about that precise subject does not
exist yet.

Backlog list

A list of all the threads on the mailing list which do not have a
corresponding JSON file (compare google group threads' id with points'

And an upvote/downvote system (after people login using something like

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