This month we have welcomed aboard a new intern, Suzanne, to help with the data curation process. This will help immensely with the amount of points we already have, as well as any new ones that are contributed. Welcome, Suzanne!

In addition, we have curated some more points for the popular music service, Spotify [will be available on the website after peer review]. I know a number of people who use it, so this particular set of data should be very relevant to tons of people out there. Feel free to take a look if you haven't already. For example, Spotify, like many services, has a broad copyright license. This means that a lot of content you publish or provide them, they can use for any number of things. Another issue is that they can remove your content at any time for any or no reason. Plus, if you have any software issues, the only solution they provide is uninstalling the program.

Even so, Spotify does specify the information they may collect, which is good for transparency. They also warn about what can happen to any content you publish publicly, which is another good point. And perhaps most importantly, if there are any material changes to their privacy policy, they will let you know.

Another service we've started looking at is Cloudant. If you or someone you know is developing web or mobile apps, this should be really helpful! Hopefully we'll get some data points from their TOS up here shortly.

We are also waiting to hear back from the Ars Electronic / Prix Ars Electronica 2013, international competition of CyberArts, regarding our possible award in the "Digital Communities" category. Wish us luck! You can be sure that as soon as we hear anything, we will let you all know.

As always, we welcome contributions from anyone at our Google group. Please continue to check the site, and spread the word on our project!