Hello World! (again)

An update of the project is overdue. Since we started working on this in June, much has happened which we did not anticipate. Feedback on the project has been excellent, and participation from the community has extended beyond our hopes.

In September, Jan went back from his vacation in north-America, Michiel spent much time on the next version of "Unhosted" and other new awesome ideas; while I went back to university to pursue my law studies. We've run a successful crowdfunding campaign, which allows us to envision the next steps to make the project sustainable and to really make an impact!

We first have to thank every one of you again who contributed to bootstrap this project! You'll definitely hear more from us in the next few days. We'll publish here the web logs of our work, among articles etc. As usual, you can follow us on twitter and also now from the projects' blog (subscribe to the feed).

Stay tuned!