Lots of things are continuing to happen here at ToSDR! We have a new web address as you might have noticed, we're continuing to review services (Grammarly will soon be up on the site, I'm happy to announce!), and we are also up for an award courtesy of Ars Electronic / Prix Ars Electronica 2013, the international competition of CyberArts.

With Grammarly, like many organizations, they reserve the right to change their terms at any time without notifying the user. This trend is very frustrating for users every where. They do, however, provide contact information in the event users have questions related to Grammarly's privacy policy, and although that doesn't counterbalance the lack of notification when they change their terms, it is promising nonetheless.

Other issues with their terms are that they do not list their pricing subscriptions without signing up, use third-party cookies and web beacons, and have usage restrictions (both per 24-hr and month periods) that could be exceeded easily (150,000 words / 300 documents per month, for example). This is magnified by the fact that users cannot download and save materials from the service.

As mentioned above, we're also up for the “Digital Communities” category, which focuses on the “wide-ranging social and artistic impact of Internet technology… focusing on the societal and participatory process.” It's incredibly exciting to be nominated for such an award, and we're very honored!

In addition, we have begun the (very) early stages of collaboration with another user-/consumer-rights initiative, Fair Contracts. They are based in Chicago, ILL, USA, and although they so far have dealt primarily with non-web-based terms, they have been around since 2009 and are doing some great work.

We have also finally sent out the last ToSDR T-shirt and last two sticker packs, which is great news for those of you who donated to the project. Hopefully you'll be receiving those sometime soon!