First News from Ian

Hi everyone! I'm very pleased to share with you the first blog commit from Ian McGowan, who joined our forces last month thanks to your donations! I have been working with Ian to explain the difficult task of curating points on the forum, analysing the topics, and leading the discussions that ultimately enable us to make the reviews that you see on So without further introduction, here's a small update from Ian.
-- Hugo

As of 30 Nov 2012, we have added many points about a number of the services being reviewed on the site. This includes points about Facebook, Wikipedia, Amazon, Wordpress, Dropbox, and WhatsApp. Although none of these services have terms that have been reviewed in their entirety at this point, we have made great strides in pulling out the main points thus far. It has been my goal to phrase the information in language that is as easy to understand as possible. We have some contributors, but continue to welcome more!

PS: View source of the draft points