Project finances for 2012

Subject:  tosdr finance
From: Michiel de Jong [email hidden]
To: Hugo Roy [email hidden], Jan-Christoph Borchardt
 [email hidden],  Jimm Stout [email hidden], Ian McGowan
 [email hidden]
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2012 17:52:58 +0700

i found the missing 50 euros. :) let me know if you find any errors in the
attached calculation.

on top of this we will spend about 200 EUR for 500 ToS;DR-logo stickers
from StickerMule, 3"x1" with rounded corners plus 300:

(v) No, i *Didn't Read* your *Terms of Service* - *ToS;DR*
stickers, 10"x1" with i guess rounded corners as well,

and then about 800 EUR for about 100 T-shirts from CafePress, and about 300
EUR for all the shipping, so that's about 200+800+300 = 1300 EUR on the
perks, so then our current balance is just under 17 kEUR.

shipping from Hacker Beach should be doable, but shipping /to/ Hacker Beach
is going to be tricky. If we want to avoid relying on the communist post
office then we may have to travel to the nearest UPS/Fedex office to pick
stuff up, which is probably in Saigon...


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